The platform for creating seamless travel experiences

Journera is a technology company that provides a secure, real-time data exchange for creating more seamless travel journeys.

Travel today can be a frustrating experience. We founded Journera with the belief that this experience can be improved if the companies involved in the travel journey can properly connect and use their data to make a more seamless experience.

Through our platform, we create a complete view of the traveler’s journey in real-time, enabling travel-related companies to create better travel experiences that drive increased loyalty and direct engagement with customers.

Our team

We are a team of experienced travel industry executives, engineers, product specialists and businesspeople who are out to improve the world's travel experiences.

Our CEO, Jeff Katz, was the Founding CEO of Orbitz Worldwide, CEO of Swissair and an executive at both SABRE and American Airlines, and our team includes seasoned professionals and experts from across the travel and technology industries. Based in Chicago, we are an ambitious team that is driven by tackling big challenges, working with cutting-edge technologies, and making meaningful changes for travelers.

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