Today, data is the basis for competitive advantage

Capturing, managing and using data are the new differentiators.

What is Journera?

We are a travel technology company developing the first Experience Management Platform for the travel industry. We are creating the standard for travel providers, marketers and app developers to create better experiences and unlock the value of the industry's data.

Standards-based architecture

Standard data structures to facilitate seamless exchange between travel industry participants

Global Experience Record (GXR)

A unified record of a traveler's journey as the basis for the customer experience

Services based on unified data

Leveraging data for greater insight - analytics, personalization, and more

Why Journera?

The benefits of our platform

Seamless customer experiences

Manage your traveler's experience throughout the journey

New revenue opportunities

Merchandise your core and ancillary products in new ways

Data standards and governance

Simplify how you use, manage and share your data

Simplified partnerships

Manage existing partnerships and create new ones, all in one place

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