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Powering partnerships across the entire customer journey

overview of a gxr

GXR (Global Experience Record)

The GXR gives a complete, real-time view of customer journeys for travel companies to create better experiences and new revenue opportunities.

We provide a unified view across all travel elements - air, lodging, ground transportation, and beyond. We use machine learning to weave the data together, and update it in real-time. The GXR is channel agnostic and accounts for data from all shopping and booking sources.

Industry-Wide Platform

Any travel-related company can participate. Work with any of your partners in the industry

Efficient Connectivity

Connect to Journera once, then work with partners at the push of a button - no bespoke implementations required

Real-time Insight

Better serve your customers by knowing what is happening on their trip while it is happening

Secure platform for real-time data exchange

overview of the platform

Publish and Subscribe APIs

Work with data easily via standardized APIs providing one-to-many connectivity and advanced data normalization

Permissions Architecture

Any data used to enhance a traveler’s experience requires explicit permission from the Publisher - no data flows to subscribers without proper permissions in place


All sensitive personal data is cryptographically hashed so that it is unreadable and unrecoverable - even for Journera employees


Both Publisher and Subscriber must know a traveler to use the platform for improving their experience - Journera cannot be used for customer acquisition or selling travelers' contact information


Journera is Privacy Shield certified and GDPR-compliant, adhering to the highest standards of global privacy practices

Creating new possibilities for your customers and business

Enhance customer experiences

Create personalized experiences for your customers by connecting the journey together with Journera's GXR. Make the journey seamless and serve your customers in real-time.

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use case prototype

Carbon Hotels builds an experience to offer customers an early check-in time based on real time flight arrival data from their partner, Sapphire Airlines

Strengthen partnerships

Enrich your current partnerships by making the use of data with partners easier. Create new partnerships at the click of a button, and maintain complete control over every aspect of your relationships.

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use case prototype

Sapphire Airlines and Carbon Hotels implement business rules that allow customers to combine loyalty points to purchase a seat upgrade

Built to scale for all your travel partners


Develop once, then create or expand partnerships at the click of a button - no one-off development required


Straightforward APIs and management tools make implementation easy


We simplify the business aspects for you. No need for lengthy contracts with every new partner you work with

Under Your Control

Publishers have full control over how and where their data can be used, at the most granular level


Use Journera services to gain new insights and create even better experiences


Serve your customers using data about what is happening at that moment in the journey

We work with the biggest names in travel

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