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Drive Your Business Across Every Step of the Travel Journey

We create a holistic, real-time view of your customer’s journey across the travel ecosystem, letting you provide the seamless experiences and hyper-personalized offers that drive increased revenue, loyalty and direct engagement.

Engage Your Customers at the Right Moment with the Right Offer

Know when your customers are traveling to engage at the right time and maximize conversion

Hyperpersonalize your offers based on the unique circumstances of the customer's journey

Expand your relationships with marketing partners and platforms to increase revenue using Journera's API solution

Create a Better Experience with Journey Flow

Journey Flow is offered through our secure, real-time data exchange platform to inform you what's happening on your customer's trip while it's happening. With Journey Flow data, you can proactively respond to a customer's need to create a better, more fluid journey.

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JourneyVision™ for hotels

Leverage a full view of your guest's travel journey to create more seamless, personalized experiences and proactively serve your customers

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Set a New Standard For Guest Experience

JourneyVision provides unprecedented real-time data about your guests' journeys - early arrivals, late departures, flight delays and cancellations are all captured, letting you cater to each traveler's unique situation. It’s personalization unlike travelers have seen before.

Fuel Your Bottom Line

JourneyVision doesn’t end with the guest experience. Use new information to extend personalized offers which drive ancillary revenue, and improve your operational efficiency with better insight into guest behavior.

Integration is simple - Onboard data directly through your PMS or the Journera API, and receive credentials to log in. It's that easy!

Why Journera

Industry-Wide Platform

Any travel-related company can participate. Work with any of your partners in the industry

Efficient Connectivity

Connect to Journera once, then work with partners at the push of a button - no bespoke implementations required

Real-time Insight

Better serve your customers by knowing what is happening on their trip while it is happening

180 million


400 million

Customer Reservations

2 billion

Travel Events

How Journera Works

Journera’s algorithms match customers and trip components across different companies, delivering real-time data to partners before, during and after a customer’s trip.


We provide a suite of APIs for travel companies and marketers to connect to the Journera Platform.

As data is published to Journera, our algorithms detect matches and initiate the flow of travel events for each customer. Know when your customer books that first component of their journey, when they change their plans, and on the day of travel, accommodate their needs through disruptions, missed connections and the transition between air, ground, lodging and other providers.


    All personal data is cryptographically hashed so that it’s unreadable and unrecoverable.


    You own and govern your data by choosing which partners can subscribe to your data.


    Journera is Privacy Shield certified and GDPR compliant.


    You develop once and leverage data from multiple sources without costly incremental integrations.


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